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Google is getting extremely stringent with its penalties for everything from spam links to having too many ads to content since its release of Panda 4.2. Getting a twice yearly website audit has become a business priority. If you haven’t already gotten a website audit, you need to do today as a matter of urgency as you’re losing valuable leads.

What is a website audit? What kind of website audit do you need? What should you expect in your final report from your auditing company of choice?

Types of Website Audits:

There are many types of website audits, but the most common types of website audits related to SEO needs are:

• Conversion Optimisation Audits: Analyse conversion issues, which can be onsite or technical

• Competitive Website Audits: Analysing your website to ascertain how your website can be improved on and how your website stands up against your competitors

• Negative SEO or Attacked Site Audits: Analyse downturns in website metrics when we know a website has been attacked by negative SEO methods

• Penalty and Recovery Audits: Analyse downturns in website metrics when a website has been algorithmically or manually penalised

• Red Flag Audits: Assessing a website for potential penalty issues. This should be part of a site health audit, but can be another audit in itself

• Security Audits: Security audits for website vulnerability especially important in high-risk / high value websites, but everyone should have one

• Website Health Audits: Assessing website health or when there is a website health issue such as a downturn in traffic

Website Audit Benefits:

• Improve search engine ranking and results

• Increase organic traffic to your brand

• Enhanced usability and user experience

• Stronger content by weeding out weak content and links

• Increase conversions on your website and generate more leads

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