Cross Browser Applications | Cross Browser Applications

So what is a cross browser web application? Simply put its a software program, developed for use on multiple computer platforms and devices using what ever browser that comes with that platform or device for example 'Apple iPhone: Safari', 'Windows PC: Internet Explorer OR Edge' and 'Chrome Book: Google Chrome' plus many more!

Biz-Tech design and develop cross browser applications using the latest client side industry standards and coding, implementing development models which are tailored you meet your business goals. This creates a high quality and reliable product which can be used and accessed from any device at any time from anywhere regardless of what operating system or browser the device is using.

Getting the same high standard application using traditional methods is costly and time intensive as the application would be developed in multiple langagues to work with each type of platform such as C++ 'Windows', C 'Linux' or Orjective C 'Mac'. Cross browser applications work via a browser and as such don't use these traditional methods or coding so is not restricted the way traditional applications are. Cross browser applications use one central code base which works with everything via a browser, speeding up development time and reducing development cost ensuring consistency and productivity for your business.

Cross Browser Application Benefits:

• Scalable

• Very flexible

• Lower development time and cost

• Standardised application across all devices

• Easily managed and updated

• Incressed productivity

• Lower development cost

• Secure

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