Cloud Applications | Cloud Applications

The cloud is simplily a large platform supporting standardised services such as 'Software as a service' or 'SaaS', Platform as a service' or 'PaaS' and Infrastructure as a service' or 'Iaas'. Biz-Tech also uses it to deliver bespoke cloud applications and customise existing software to deliver business-specific applications back to our clients and partners.

Our software development team use only the latest development techniques helping clients and partners with their bespoke cloud application needs. We work on building cloud applications in 'PHP', '.NET' and client side applications. We develop, deploy and manage cloud applications on public cloud platforms such as 'AWS' and 'Azure', that can be accessed from any were.

Public cloud platform such as 'AWS' and 'Azure' provide the operating system and database services, allowing you to run applications straight from the cloud with no upfront hardware or software costs.

Cloud Application Benefits:

• Scalable

• Flexible

• Automated

• Cost-effective

• Secure

We customise existing applications too, integrating them with your current business processes, streamlining them and improving collaboration, making them more relevant to your business needs.

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